ApraAmcos approve Live Stream concerts

We have received the green light from ApraAmcos to extend our music licence to include live-stream concerts.

This is a game changer for The SeniorsChannel and our mission to bring interactivity into our platform.

Our goal has always been to deliver interactive concerts on The SeniorsChannel so aged care residents can have access to music and entertainment on demand.

ApraAmcos has also approved that each live stream concert can be filmed and reproduced as a recorded concert and held in perpetuity on The SeniorsChannel – this will reduce our video production cost and increase our content on The SeniorsChannel.

Further – the approval of live-stream concerts will provide us with additional revenue. 2500+ residential aged care facilities in Australia and 900+ in New Zealand will be able to buy the concert for their residents via our pay per view gateway – even if they don’t have a The SeniorsChannel subscription.

Julie our CEO says,

Obtaining a music licence from ApraAmcos is complex and many services offering music via a digital platform are not aware of the importance of securing a licence and the detrimental fines if they don’t adhere to music licence rules.

Coming from an entertainment background I knew that if I couldn’t secure a music licence for The SeniorsChannel then that would be a deal breaker as I wanted to respect and support the artists that have written music and lyrics.

I began my negotiations with ApraAmcos in early 2019 (when TSC was still in the concept stage) and, frankly – they said no about 5 times, I was lucky enough to build up a relationship a team member at ApraAmcos and over time she listened to my vison and believed in our purpose to bring joy to seniors through music. After each knockback she would guide me with suggestions and I would go away and adapt The SeniorsChannel concept. My ally would then take The SeniorsChannel music licence application back to the ApraAmcos board members and champion the idea. Eventually, the board members approved a digital blanket licence in Sept 2020 – that was a happy day at TSC.


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