Our Founder getting the hang of Pitching

Our Founder has been chosen to pitch at 4 events over the last 2 months resulting in ongoing conversations with 6 interested investors. With more pitch events coming up – we imaging Julie will become fearless at pitching – eventually! 

EmpowerED Pitch Event

Julie, has now completed the Scale Investors EmpowerED accelerator and was one of 5 (out of 50 participants) chosen to pitch at their online event at the end of the program. 

Tech Ready Woman Showcase

Although Julie completed the Tech Ready Woman accelerator last year there was a delay for the final pitch showcase due to COVID restrictions. Finally, the 2022 TRW Pitch Night event was held at The Sydney Start Up Hub in August and again Julie was chosen to pitch at the event attended by over 150 Founders, Mentors, Investors, Politicians and others supporting female start ups. 

Hunter Angels Pitch Night

Julie’s first live pitch was at the Hunter Angels Pitch Night and being her first – it was a little shaky so Julie was very surprised to get a call back from 2 interested investors. 

The Giant Warm Intro Event

Over 700 people applied to pitched at The Giant Warm Intro event and Julie was one of 250 to be chosen. In this online event you are matched with 2 investors for a 30 minute pitch and discussion. The outcome for Julie was a personal invitation to the 361angels Q3 event in September where 60 founders and 60 investors meet.


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